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Meet Dr. Jerome List

Jerome O. List, DDS. MD, with Alaska Ear Nose & Throat in Anchorage, Alaska, has a very distinctive background as an ear, nose and throat specialist. Dr. List is trained as a medical doctor and a dentist/oral surgeon. For patients, this means he has custom-tailored training designed to address the unique connection between these two medical fields.

Dr. List started his career in 1974 by attending the University of Costa Rica, where he also received his dental degree. He then completed training in oral surgery at the Pavlovsk Medical Institute in Leningrad, in what was then the USSR. Receiving both medical and dental training has allowed Dr. List to have additional insight into the otolaryngology – ear, nose, and throat – specialty, and he takes pride in providing excellent treatment for sinus issues, hearing problems, tonsillitis, TMJ disorders, facial and mandible fractures, sleep disorders, epilepsy with the vagus nerve stimulator, Levo therapy for tinnitus and more.

Dr. List is the director of Anchorage Project Access, which provides high-quality health care to low-income or uninsured patients, and he has worked with Kaiser Permanente. He has been in private practice in Anchorage since 1993 and speaks English, Russian, and Spanish. Dr. List is very fitness-oriented. Outside the office, he enjoys dancing, running, biking, dirt bike racing, and flying.

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