Sinus Surgery in Anchorage, AK

In-Office Sinus Surgery

As a board-certified otolaryngology-head and neck surgical specialist, Jerome List, MD, DDS, with Alaska Ear Nose & Throat in Anchorage, Alaska, has the extensive training needed to offer minimally invasive sinus surgery in his office. This advanced service saves patients time and money when they have chronic sinus problems.

What is In-Office Sinus Surgery?

In-office sinus surgery refers to a procedure conducted using balloon technology. It’s designed as a permanent solution to chronic and persistent sinusitis. Dr. List performs this minimally invasive surgery in his office safely and quickly, allowing you to rest and recover in the comfort of your home, saving you from a stay in the hospital.

What are the advantages of in-office sinus surgery?

Traditional sinus surgery is much more invasive, opening a patient up to potential complications. The balloon sinus-dilation procedure does the same thing as traditional surgery, but without the same risks. Balloon technology has been used for decades as an intervention for cardiac patients. It allows surgeons to open clogged arteries without making a large incision.

In the ENT field, using the balloon technique means restoring ventilation and drainage without the need for cutting. Balloon technology also provides patients with clinical improvement of their sinus condition without a long recovery period.

How is the surgery done?

Dr. List inserts a guidewire catheter into one nostril and moves it up to the affected sinus passageway. The balloon on the tip of the catheter is then inflated with saline solution. By inflating the balloon, Dr. List is able to remodel the bone and open up your passageway. A wider nasal passage lowers your risk of blockage and potential infection. The balloon is then deflated and removed through the same nostril.

Since Dr. List is using your nostril to gain access to the problem sinus, this surgical procedure requires no incision, which means less bleeding and pain. Dr. List usually performs the procedure with a local anesthetic and completes it in just a few minutes.

Who is a good candidate for in-office sinus surgery?

The ideal candidate for this procedure is healthy and free of other serious conditions. This procedure is usually recommended for people who have:

  • Recurring sinus infections that fail to respond to drug treatment.
  • Develop frequent headaches around the eyes.
  • Have difficulty breathing due to blocked nasal passages that have not responded to other treatment modalities.

Since balloon sinuplasty is noninvasive, it tends to be the better choice for most patients with chronic sinus conditions.

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